CDG has crafted a project flow that works for any dealer size, location and volume. Our experienced showroom designers make the process easy while still responding to each and every dealer need. We understand this is not a one size fits all formula, responding to each and every challenge with both deep industry knowledge and a passion for new challenges.

1. Facility Evaluation

Our first onsite visit consists of both top level strategic recommendations and a comprehensive facility audit documenting all existing conditions effecting the building and site appearance as well as operational flow and efficiencies. Our designer/architects schedule and visit the dealership to discuss goals, establish a design direction and overall project scope. The initial design visit begins with a kickoff meeting which may include regional personnel representing the manufacturer brand.

  • Collect & review all existing plans
  • Outline objectives, timing, budget, and municipal requirements
  • Conduct site survey & photo audit of affected areas
  • When needed, plans of the existing site, floor plan, and elevations are drafted
  • Site specific finishes and/or leasehold recommendations are provided

This collection of information is then presented back in a written summary and as-built floor plan highlighting key areas of opportunity and overall enhancement, at which time the written evaluation may be used immediately or at a later time to expedite the design process. This not only serves to provide a working document of the existing facility layout, but also to help guide the design team, along with facility manager and Manufacturer account manager in developing a long-term strategy for the dealership and it’s operational effectiveness.

The design team recommends minor or major exterior and interior enhancements to maximize brand recognition, architectural synergy and operational efficiencies. In a minor remodel, proposed enhancements stay within the existing footprint of the building structure but may include the recommendation of wall locations, overhangs and other superficial treatments. In major renovations, the design team may recommend significant alterations to the existing building structure and footprint to accommodate facility expansion and functional optimization. 

New Build
In cases of new locations, CDG offers design services to help plan a new facility. Working in conjunction with your builder and local architect, we ensure your new facility matches up to industry standards, current product requirements, customer expectation, overall brand compliance and market competitiveness. Our design director meets with you and your project team, including architects and contractors, to properly plan your future facility and showroom environment. When possible, we suggest being involved in the very preliminary phases of schematic design in order to better influence and determine all aspects pertaining to the customer and brand impression


2. Planning & Design

CDG has offers design services that work for all dealership and showroom formats. As each project is unique, we ensure the dealer has comfort in knowing we understand what makes not only their industry needs different, but also what it takes to make each dealer’s business model the most successful it can be.

Preparation of your Comprehensive Design Package
Upon approved of initial facility audit outline and strategic recommendations, the Design Team goes to work preparing the following: 

Conceptual Design

  • Development of site planning, building orientation, interior space planning and general layout flow based on dealer input
  • Selection of new environmental photography, themes & motifs, integration of corporate brand program when needed and creation of a comprehensive wayfinding / navigational signage package throughout the facility campus
  • Selection of all shelving and display systems required for product merchandising
  • Creation of exterior (when needed) and interior decor package including paint and finishes plan
  • Development of visual illustrations describing the design solution

Design Refinement

  • Creating all drawing package for bidding purposes including plans, elevations and required fixture/millwork drawings. These drawing are for design intent. Architectural review is required for permitting and construction purposes. If a local architect has not ben selected CDG will partner with one of our architectural affiliates to provide those services.
  • Cost estimate of hard construction costs for selected region
  • Cost estimate of signage program
  • Cost estimate of millwork and furniture items
  • Cost estimate of all specialty display and merchandising systems

  Follow-up Field Visit

Our team returns to the dealership for review and finalization of all the design items and program details. Key hand-offs are conducted, officially kicking off the construction and fulfillment phases of your dealership transformation.

3. Project Management

It takes 24/7 commitment and constant attention to maintain project momentum. Throughout the duration of any project we promote and facilitate open channels of communication between all stakeholders including you, our designer, engineers, fabricators and installers, ensuring we bring your vision to life on time, and on budget.

Our project management services often bring an added value to the project dynamic, as we don’t see our responsibility being defined by our project scope, but rather by the success of the overall remodel or new build.  As a valued asset, our project managers may even be accessed and utilized for other efforts outside the immediate project needs, acting as a one stop shop for your entire list of showroom to-do’s. The ability to eliminate chaos and simplify the handoffs is invaluable. Our project managers can manage it all, start to finish, so you can concentrate on what matters most, your business.

4. Fulfillment

Speed to market is important and our customers depend us to make it happen. We do the heavy lifting by making sure all program elements are produced and delivered without a hitch. The pride embraced by our designers and engineers is carried throughout the process, reflecting in the details, quality and value of our products. Our network of suppliers is extensive. In addition to our experienced print and manufacturing partnerships, we have a comprehensive base of expert craftsmen that meet our rigorous standards of quality, responsiveness and commitment. And when it is time for the final pieces to come together, our nationwide network of certified installers will treat the final steps with as much care shown throughout the process. We know getting a facility finished, operational, and ready to generate revenue is absolutely critical to your livelihood. Our fulfillment services complete the effort, meaning your customers can walk through the doors and experience your brand as soon as possible.